Frequently Asked Questions

Still on the fence about online learning ? Got things you want to know about UNN E-learning platform ? We've got answers to those questions frequently asked by people like you.

General Questions

What's this online learning thing all About ?
The UNN E-learning platform offers you an oppurtunity to study at UNN from anywhere in world, through the internet. We offer professional online courses and programs of same high quality and standard UNN is known for, to help advance you in your career and profession. Online learning is flexible, convinient and does not require you to be physically present at the school to be part of the school.
How or Where do I start ?
It's Simple. Create an account on the platform by registering. Registering on the platform is quick; Simply click the 'Register' button, fill the online form with the required information, upload your a passport photo click the submit button. A link will be sent to your email address; Login to your email account, follow the instructions in the email sent to you to complete your registration. You can then login to your platform account, register in any course or program of interest, enter your virtual classroom and start learning the fun way!
Does creating an account make me a student of UNN ?
Creating an account on the UNN E-learning platform makes you a student of the UNN online school which is still a part of the University.
What incentives do I get studying online ?
Studying online gives you several benefits. You will have an added advantage in admission into studying certain masters programs in the University. Certificates obtained in some professional courses and programs can be a plus when applying for certain jobs.
How do I browse available courses on the platform ?
You can use the search bar to search for any course or program on the platform. The search bar is visible at the top of every page except the virtual classoom. You can browse through courses and programs by accessing the courses page through 'Courses' menu item. The courses page gives you access to all the courses on the platform. The courses page also allows you filter the courses or programs being displayed; you filter courses and programs by schedule, price, qualification level, certificate award and school.

User Account Questions

How do I take courses here ?
Taking any course you have been registered in requires that you be in your virtual classroom environment. To access your virtual classroom, first ensure you are logged in. Under the 'my profile' tab, click the 'Enter classroom' button. This will take you into your virtual classroom. A free tutorial course is available to teach you how you can move around your virtual classroom, take courses, partake in assignments and so much more.
What happens when I complete a course or program ?
A course is completed when you pass every actvity (assignment, quiz, etc) in the course. You can see the completion status of your courses under the 'My courses' tab in your account page. A completed course will be marked as completed and an option for you to download and print the certificate assigned to that course on successful completions, will be made available to you. Completion of programs require that all courses under that program are completed. You can view the completion status of your programs under the 'My programs' tab. When you complete a program, a certificate download link is made available for you to download any certificate assigned to the program.
How can I change my account profile picture ?
Certain information about you cannot be modified as these information are used by the school to keep a consistent record of you on the platform. The account profile picture is one of those things that cannot be changed. You can still change the profile picture you use in your virtual classroom.
I cannot access my account, What should I do ?
If you are having problems accessing your account then it might be possible you have forgotten your password; you will have to reset your password. To reset your password, Click the login button. On the login page, click the 'forgot password' link. Enter your email address. A password reset email will be sent to you. Access your email account and kindly follow the instructions in the email to reset your password.

Certificate Questions

What certificates are available on offer ?
On successful completion of most courses on the platform, you will be awarded a UNN online certificate of proficiency. The UNN online certificate of proficiency is awarded to you as proof of the effort you put in studying and passing an online course. On successful completion of a program, you will be awarded a certificate diploma in the associated program. Our online certificate diploma awards are recognized by companies and industries in the country. Professional certificates in the areas of communications, IT, oil and gas are also available on offer.
How do I get my certificate ?
When you complete a course or program, a certificate download link is provided to you under the details section of the course or program in the My courses and My programs tabs under your account page. On completion of some courses or programs, you may be issued a temporary online certificate. In this case, you will be required to contact the University and present this certificate before a permernant certificate will be issued to you.

Virtual Classroom Questions

How do I access my Virtual Classroom ?
The virtual classroom can be accessed through your account page. in you account page, under the 'My profile' tab, click the 'Enter classroom' button to access your classroom. You can also access the virtual classroom button from any where on the platform. Simply hover on the display picture thumnail on the upper right corner of the screen, clcik 'virtual classroom' on the floating menu that appears.
How do I exit my virtual classroom ?
In your virtual classroom, on the top bar, clcik the 'Exit classroom' button to exit the virtual classroom and retun you to your account page. Alternatively, you can click the 'My course' link on the top-bar of your virtual classroom to access your personal menu; click the logout link under your personal menu to exit the virtual classroom and also log you out of the platform entirely.

Payment Questions

What payment options are available ?
The platform offers three payment options: Bank Deposit, Online payment and Token keys. The bank deposit payment option allows you pay for a course or program by paying through your bank. When you select the bank payment optiion, an invoice is generated for that transaction. You are required to print this invoice and take it with you to your bank for payment. On successful payment, you will be enrolled in the course or program you made payment for. The online payment method allows you pay online using your debit, credit or ATM card. This payment method is fast, convinient and hazzle free. You can also pay for a course or program using a token key issued to you by your company, school or any organisation that has an agreement with the university.
I paid for a course but was not registered
If you make payment for a course or program through bank deposit, it might take some time for your bank to signal us of your payment. Kindly excercise some patience; you should be registered within 24 hours. In rare occasions, you can pay for a course or program but your registration will still be pending. Fortunately, this issue can easily be resolved when it comes up. simply contact the school through the contact page and you will be enrolled in your paid course or program instantly.
Is there any way I can track my payments ?
Definitely! You can track all your payment transactions on the platform. A detailed record is kept for any transaction you perform. To access your payment records, login to your account, click the the transactions tab to view all your transactions. You can print receipts for successful payments through this tab.

Courses & Programs Questions

Are all courses and programs in the university available online ?
Not yet but it is our goal to move as much courses and programs online. Each month, more courses and programs in the school are being transformed into online courses and programs and added to the platform. Tranforming these courses to suit online learning takes time and effort. We are doing a best to ensure that every faculty in the university is well represented online through her courses and program.
How are student qualifications for courses and programs checked ?
To meet eligibility for registration in some courses and programs on the platform, we use a qualification framework to group and rank students qualifications into levels based on the certificates owned and presented to us by the student. We verify the submitted certificates and decide on which qualification level to place the student using our qualifications framework. Other courses and programs on the platform might require a more stringent qualification verification process. To submit your certificates for verification and thus increase your qualification level, login to your account area, click the account settings button under the 'My profile' tab. On the account settings page, scroll down to the 'Educational qualifications & certificates' section, Enter your qualifications / certificates information and click the submit button.