Development Administration

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Development is variously defined. This means that different views are given about what we understand development to be. It also has several aspects which include economic, social, political and administrative aspects. Hence development is seen as multi-dimensional. But it is commonly known that the economic aspect is emphasized more than any other aspects.

Development means a process of growth, progress and improvement within any society. It can also be defined as the gradual growth of something which enables it to become advanced and stronger. Development means increase in gross national income (GNP). Development is also defined as the capacity of political growth; as a social improvement and as modernisation. It is also believed that development is a process of change plus growth which is expected to result in transformation of socio-economic aspects of peoples life.

In the final analysis, development means a process of increase, growth, progress, improvement, advancement and change in all aspects of human endeavour towards a positive life.


What you'll learn:


  • Concept of Development Administration
  • Nature of Development Administration
  • Challenges to Development Administration in Nigeria
  • International Organization and Development Administration
  • Strategies to Development Administration


Course CodeUNN/OC/0026
Course Start DateStarted
Course Duration3 Months
Dedication5 - 10 Hours per Week
Number of Modules5
LevelLevel 3
School offering courseUNN Online School of Government
Video/Audio MediaNone
Course Fee25000.00

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Course Prerequisites / Requirements

To complete this course you are required to read the study units and recommended textbooks and explore more current materials on the Internet. In this course, each unit consists of exercises or activities to test your understanding from time to time. At a point in your course, you are required to submit assignments for assessment purposes. Below you will find listed all the components of the course, what you have to do and how you should allocate time to each unit in order to complete the course successfully on time.