Pomades, Creams and Powders

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It's never been a better time to be a beauty entrepreneur. According to market research firm Euromonitor International, the beauty industry in the Middle East and Africa was estimated at about $20.4 billion in 2011. Of this figure, South Africa alone represented $3.9 billion; Nigeria and Kenya are second and third among sub-Saharan nations, with Kenya’s market totaling more than $260 million.

In today’s world, cosmetics have become a very basic need. Everyone, including poor people, will go out of their way to enhance the way they look, feel and smell.

Besides helping us with our personal hygiene, cosmetics have become vital to our self-esteem and largely determine how other people treat us and our ability to influence them.

It’s not a surprise that beauty and skin care products are the fastest selling items in Africa after food!

In this course, you wil be learning how to make pomades, creams and powders. Each of these is taught through a comprehensive and well-detailed video presented in a professional manner.


All materials and components required to make these items are explained in detail as well as the market names used when purchasing the raw materials used in making them. 

I believe that at the end of this course you will be confident and motivated to tap into this ever growing market of the cosmetics industry. 

Course CodeUNN/OC/0034
Course Start DateStarted
Course Duration2 Months
Dedication2 - 4 Hours per Week
Number of Modules4
School offering courseUNN Enterprise Skill Acquisition School
Video/Audio MediaAudio & Video
Course FeeNot Available (Program course)

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Course Prerequisites / Requirements

This course has no strict requirements. Anyone is qualified to take this course so long as the student is familiar with taking online courses on the platform. Once registered in this course, you will be required to complete activities such as assignments or quiz in order to proceed. The course has been structured in a way to promote ease of understanding. You must be dedicated in this course; you should spend at least an average of 2 hours per day on this course.