Grasscutter Production

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Grasscutters are rodents widely found in grasslands, clearings, wet or marshy areas in Africa. They are more commonly known as “hedgehogs” in Central Africa, “agouti” in French-speaking West Africa, and “cane rats” in English-speaking West Africa. Although widely hunted, grasscutters can also be domesticated. Cane rat meat popularly called bush meat is highly acceptable in Nigeria. There is no restriction to its consumption.


Grasscutters are placid animals and relatively prolific, becoming sexually mature and able to reproduce at around five to six months, and producing litters of up to twelve young. Because they are easy to rear, their production offers an alternative to poaching bush meat. Grasscutters can grow quickly in intensive conditions, and their meat is high in protein and value.

Thryonomys species are intensively hunted as an important source of protein throughout their range. It is estimated that in West Africa, 80 million are harvested annually, equalling 300,000 metric tons of meat. To increase meat availability, Thryonomys species have been domesticated and currently efforts are being made to expand the industry. Greater cane rats are preferred over lesser cane rat because of their larger body size, however it has been suggested that both species should be reared as part of the industry. Thryonomys species meat has more protein than chicken, rabbit and guinea pig and lower fat than pork, beef and lamb.
The meat of grasscutter fetches higher price than meat of domestic animals. Grasscutter is a good source of animal protein of high biological value. Cane rat meat has good nutritional qualities: high quality protein, low fat, high dressing percentage and a unique taste.


What you will learn:


  • Knowledge of breeds of grasscutter and their characteristic behaviour.
  • Knowledge and skills to construct house for grasscutter production.
  • Knowledge on reproduction of grasscutter.
  • How to prevent and control diseases in grasscutter.
  • Starting and running a lucrative grasscutter business


Course CodeUNN/OC/0007
Course Start DateStarted
Course Duration2 Months
Dedication3-4 Hours per week
Number of Modules8
School offering courseUNN Enterprise Skill Acquisition School
Video/Audio MediaAudio & Video
Course Fee15000.00

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