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About this Program

The UNN Diploma in Microsoft Office Programme has been specifically designed to teach learners how to use all the main Microsoft Office Applications. The Program provides students with the skills and graphic design competencies in Microsoft software required for effective work practices in this sector and will bring students up to industry level standards in the area of graphics and design. The course consists of four modules which covers the five main application programmes: Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint. These are the industry standard programmes used for Desktop Publishing and Graphic Design.

The course also covers many important aspects of the DTP industry with a strong emphasis on the importance of a clear understanding of the print industry so that the learners not only know how to use the applications but also fully understand how to send the files to print. The course also examines the design, colour and layout of documents/images for print.


On completion of this programme, graduates will be able to:


  • Establish competence in creating artwork for digital mediums
  • Establish competence in the basic creative and technical aspects of image editing and manipulation
  • Design professional looking material using industry leading software
Program CodeUNN/OP/0001
Number of Courses3
Program Duration3 Months
Dedication5 Hours per day
School offering programUNN Enterprise Skill Acquisition School
Video/Audio MediaAudio & Video
Program Price38500.00

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Program Lecturers

Program Prerequisites / Requirements

This programme has no strict requirement. The student is only required to have a basic knowledge of computer operation as well as browsing the internet. Depending on the student's level of proficiency in computer usage and online browsing, the student should be able to grab all there is to know about using the UNN e-learning platform in as little as an hour.