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The UNN E-learning Essentials offers core essentials that are aimed at introducing and getting you used to the act of online learning. Our platform navigation and course taking guide course provides you with a quick guide on how to navigate our E-Learning platform. The course teaches you basic activity like how to navigate the platform, set up your profile, take your courses, track your progress, take exams, communicate with your instructor etc. Students are advised to take this course before proceeding to their main courses to prevent making avoidable mistakes.

The UNN E-learning Essentials also offers a series of other free courses that will enhance student learning experience for better performance and learning outcome.


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UNN Online Course

Platform Navigation and Course-taking Guide

UNN E-learning Essentials

Learn to use the UNN e-learning platform by taking this free course. Become a pro in taking courses online, partaking in activities such as quiz, essays and forum discussions; through well detailed and comprehensive series guide courses.

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