Crop Production

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Generally, plants are important to man. In the olden days, man depended on wild plants for food. Selections for choice plants were initially based on trial and error. Through this method, man was able to differentiate the edible from the non-edible plant materials. Eventually, he began to domesticate some crops within the immediate surroundings. Some plant remains that were deliberately planted also germinated.
From this, man developed the idea of cultivation and production of crops
However, man, especially in the developing countries, still wanders around his environment for food.



Crop production today requires a level of sophistication beyond what we ever saw before. It offers opportunities beyond comprehension, but to optimise a business or career in producing crops you need to have knowledge, awareness and drive to succeed not only in growing plants, but also in business management practices, science and technology.

Successful technologists and growers in this industry don't achieve success through qualifications alone, but they have a level of knowledge and awareness about growing commercial crops that would often leave the university graduates reeling.

This course aims to set you on the path to this sort of success with growing crops.


Why Study this Course ?


If you want to become an expert in crop production, this course is an excellent option. The course provides you with a detailed knowledge of agricultural production.

Improve your own crops or improve your job prospects within the agriculture industry.

Job opportunities in the agricultural industry are varied, so having a specialist qualification like agricultural crop production will show your knowledge in this area.

Throughout the course you will be supported by our highly experienced and well qualified tutors.


Course CodeUNN/OC/0022
Course Start DateStarted
Course Duration2 Month
Dedication2 - 4 Hours per Week
Number of Modules4
School offering courseUNN Enterprise Skill Acquisition School
Video/Audio MediaNone
Course FeeNot Available (Program course)

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UNN Online Program

Crop Production

This program offers diploma in Crop Production with a focus on arable, plantation and vegetable cash crops of economic importance.

Program Courses: 5

Course Prerequisites / Requirements

This course has no strict requirements. Anyone is qualified to take this course so long as the student is familiar with taking online courses on the platform. Once registered in this course, you will be required to complete activities such as assignments or quiz in order to proceed. The course has been structured in a way to promote ease of understanding. You must be dedicated in this course; you should spend at least an average of 2 hours per day on this course.