Human Resource Management

About this Course

Organizations today face many challenges in the management of their resources including human resource. Every week brings and opens fresh and challenging environment. Contemporary issues like organizational downsizing, workforce diversity and shortages of skilled manpower in many areas also constitute problems and challenges of many organizations including public concerns. The above indicate the widening and strategic role of Human Resource Management (HRM) in modern organizations.

The intent of the course, among many others, is to enable the students have wider understanding of the nature of HRM and strategic options in HRM. It will also provide a chance to study the organizational man, his work environment and the process necessary to develop his resources. In addition, an analysis of the structure and role of HRM at all levels of Nigerian Government will be attempted. It is also part of the objectives of the course to familiarize students with various approaches to HRM and contemporary issues in Human Resources Development and Utilization in Nigeria.  



Course CodeUNN/OC/0024
Course Start DateStarted
Course Duration3 Months
Dedication5 - 10 Hours per Week
Number of Modules10
School offering courseUNN Online School of Government
Video/Audio MediaNone
Course Fee50000.00

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Course Prerequisites / Requirements

To complete this course you are required to read the study units and recommended textbooks and explore more current materials on the Internet. In this course, each unit consists of exercises or activities to test your understanding from time to time. At a point in your course, you are required to submit assignments for assessment purposes. Below you will find listed all the components of the course, what you have to do and how you should allocate time to each unit in order to complete the course successfully on time.