Issues in Peace and Conflict Studies (GSP 202)

About this Course

Issues in Peace and Conflict Studies is one of the compulsory courses in the Social Sciences Unit, School of General Studies University of Nigeria, Nsukka . It is designed for all students from any discipline in the University and primarily for the Second year students. Given that Nigeria and Africa has remained a violence-ridden continent with enormous poverty, disease, civil disturbances, revolts, insurgence, guerrilla warfare etc, this course was designed to make a positive impact on students both locally and international at a time when the entire human race is under siege as a result of socio-economic, ethno-religious, cultural and political conflicts. Consequently, this course tries to inculcate in the students the concepts of peace and conflict studies. This is to open them up to new ideas and vicissitudes of a peaceful life and society. This course is divided into 15(Fifteen) modules. These are:

Module 1: History, Evolution and Nature of Peace and Conflict Studies
Module 2: Basic Concepts in Peace and Conflict Studies
Module 3: Theories of Social Conflict
Module 4: Ethnicity, Ethnic Identity and Conflict in Africa
Module 5: Conflict Analysis
Module 6: Conflict Handling Styles
Module 7: Media, Language and Communication in Peace and Conflict
Module 8: Nonviolent Resistance
Module 9: Terrorism
Module 10: International Organizations in Conflict Management
Module 11: Conflict Resolution in Traditional African Society
Module 12: Theory and Practice of Peace Education
Module 13: Peace Psychology
Module 14: Gender-based Violence Trends in Nigeria
Module 15: The influence of Climate Change on Issues of Peace and Conflict.

Course CodeUNN/OC/0079
Course Start DateStarted
Course Duration3 Months
Dedication2 hours per week
Number of Modules15
School offering courseUNN Online School of General Studies
Video/Audio MediaNone
Course Fee200000.00

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Course Prerequisites / Requirements

This course is designed for students of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. It is meant for newly admitted students (First year students) of concerned departments and faculties. However, some departments opt to have their students take this course in their second year. The course is designed to run for a semester. Normally, students of each participating departments are assigned to a particular lecturer of the unit who registers, gives out term paper / seminar topics and continuous assignments as well as oversees the grading of such. With the transition to online, this norm still applies, albeit more streamlined. As a registered student of this course, all learning materials of the course are made available to you on this platform. You must study consistently and conscientiously, the entire course material, attempt and submit all course assignments punctually.