Cooperative Development Of Anaerobic Digesters

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This module explores the application of anaerobic digesters to multiple waste sources through cen­tral community digesters and other cooperative approaches. Earlier modules in this series have described the biological processes, management and operational features, and the types and various capabilities of anaerobic digesters.


Most of the information in modules 1-5 also applies to cooperatively-developed anaero­bic digesters. This module will explore in greater detail the business models, design features and conditions favoring the development of community digesters. Community digesters take waste from smaller producers who cannot support an individual digester and allow the integration of anaerobic digestion into larger com­munity waste, energy and environmental management objectives.


The units within this module provide case studies and lessons for anaerobic digestion applications at the community or cooperative scale.


Learning Outcomes & Objectives:


  • Identify the design, economic and policy barriers to conventional anaerobic digesters for community applications.
  • Describe the community digester approach to aggregating organic waste streams from multiple sources.
  • Identify different ownership structures and business models available to develop community digesters.
  • Identify economic and policy approaches that support community digesters.


Course CodeUNN/OC/0064
Course Start DateStarted
Course Duration3 Months
Dedication2 hours per week
Number of Modules10
School offering courseUNN Online School of Oil and Gas
Video/Audio MediaNone
Course Fee50000.00

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