Bioenergy Technologies, Policies and Standards

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The European Union is taken in this course as a case study due to their advancement in biofuels, therefore a careful study needs to be made, and learning points noted, as Nigeria moves forward in this energy type, if not for the purpose of energy switch, certainly for blending with gasoline, in order to improve the octane rating, and as an antiknock agent.


In the European Union (EU) several targets have been defined in order to promote

biofuels. These policies are formulated in official papers of the European Commission and

will be subsequently shortly summarized.


About 20 biofuel plants are under construction, or nearing completion, as a result of NNPC’s MOU for the local production of biofuels, which will be used as antiknock for petroleum gasoline. In this module, all forms of biofuel, including advanced biofuels will be taught, and the emerging international standards explained.


Learning Outcomes & Objectives:


  • To explain the international Policies that promote the growth of Bioenergy- biofuel, biodiesel and biogas.
  • To list and highlight the energy crops, in use, and potential use.
  • To teach how biogas can be ‘upgraded’ to biomethane, for automotive, and other uses.
  • To teach in greater detail, the Bioenergy Technologies that are in use, and emerging.
  •  Draw student’s attention to the importance of Standardization of Bioenergy, especially biofuels and biodiesel,
    And the relevance of the ASTM [American Society for Testing and Materials], and other international bioenergy standards.
Course CodeUNN/OC/0065
Course Start DateStarted
Course Duration3 Months
Dedication2 hours per week
Number of Modules10
School offering courseUNN Online School of Oil and Gas
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Course Fee70000.00

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UNN Online Program

Bioenergy Production Operations (Biogas, Biofuel and Biodiesel)

In this program, you will learn all about Bioenergy which comprises of Biogas, Biodiesel and Biofuel. Bioenergy is energy derived from Biomass; an organic based energy source supplying the worlds energy needs.

Program Courses: 10

Course Prerequisites / Requirements

Graduates of Universities are eligible to register for Post Graduate Diploma programs, and complete/pass all the modules. NCE and HND holders with a minimum of 3 years working experience, especially in the petroleum industry will be considered. WAEC holders or equivalent, can enroll and do as many individual modules as they wish.