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Among other issues, this level teaches the HSE Management System which is based on the ISO 14001 and 18001 Management Systems. It Emphasizes on the Hazards and Effect Management Process, which is the heart of a HSE-Management System, which is also specially treated in this module.


Hazards as we already know is the potential to cause harm and this potential could be an event, any circumstance or condition that might include ill health, injury or even death, all these could result to property damage, production losses or increased liabilities.


The Hazards and effect management processes boarders basically on the hazards in the work site or around us, its effect both on man, production and management of these hazard/effects to reduce injury to personnel and damage to property and even loss of time. Identification, Assessment, Control and Recovery are the processes involved in the Hazard and Effects Management Process.


This level 3 course specially focuses on environmental management issues of pollution, control, regulatory framework, waste management, environmental assessments, air pollution, climate change issues, amongst others. This course teaches environmental management within the context of a HSE Management and HEMP.


Learning Outcomes & Objectives:


  • To teach the HSE Management Systems
  • To imbibe candidates with Environmental Management knowledge, and skills.
  • To equip candidates with the HSE and Emergency Management skills required to lead a modern industrial establishment.
  • To acquaint participant with the basic principles of fire with a view to allying their fear and increase their understanding of fire.
  • Fire prevention, control and protection. to acquaint participant with the basic principles of fire with a view to allying their fear and increase their understanding of fire.
  • Understand the nature and properties of fire.
  • Level 3 knowledge and skills cutting across the following HSE topics: HSE Polices, Job Hazard Analysis, Unsafe Act Audit Report Form, Permit to work, Journey Management, Defensive Driving, Incident Report Form, Accident and Incident Investigation and Reporting, Environmental Management, Waste Management, Safe handling of Chemicals, Environmental Impact Assessment, Evaluation Report and Statement (EIA, EEA, EIS), Occupational Health, Security Management, Emergency Response, Community Disturbance, Theft, Oil Pipeline Sabotage, Protective Measures, Community Development, First Aid, Fire, Safety etc.
Course CodeUNN/OC/0069
Course Start DateStarted
Course Duration3 Months
Dedication2 hours per week
Number of Modules10
School offering courseUNN Online School of Oil and Gas
Video/Audio MediaNone
Course Fee200000.00

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UNN Online Program

Occupational Health, Safety & Environmental Management

This program provides general HSE knowledge, from the industry recognized HSE Levels 1-3. It goes beyond this basic industry requirement, through HSE management systems application, and offers students the Advanced HSE Management course.

Program Courses: 5

Course Prerequisites / Requirements

Graduates of Universities are eligible to register for Post Graduate Diploma programs, and complete/pass all the modules. NCE and HND holders with a minimum of 3 years working experience, especially in the petroleum industry will be considered. WAEC holders or equivalent, can enroll and do as many individual modules as they wish.